Is doggin’ still the same?
A youngster asked of me
Or is it tamer now
Than it used to be?

Hmmm, those are good questions
I says unto the kid
Let me tell you bout them old daggers
And some of the things they did.

First of all the steers
Them boys wrestled down
Was nothing like today’ s
For they weighed nine-hundred pounds!

Most of them was trapped
After they was ten years old
Too wild and touch for beef
So to the rodeos they was sold

Them big old steers could run
Fast as a blooded horse
To run one down and throw him
Was a real tour-de-force!

One time up in Omaha
At the fair and rodeo
Slats Jacobs wrestled him a steer
Nearly big as a buffalo!

It took him quite a while
To lay that critter down
And all the time he struggled
He was heckled by some clown

This old farmer boy was rude
And he sure disliked cowboys
He really was enjoying himself
Shouting insults and making noise!

“Why hell cow … BOY!
My wife is tougher than you!”
He slapped his knee and laughed
And most of the crowd did too

Ol’ Slats’ face got red
The veins swelled in his neck
Another crack from the farmer boy
And we was sure to see a wreck!

“Hey there Cow … BOY!
Looks like you could use a job
I need a hand for milking cows
And you look like just the GOB!

That crack about milking cows
Was more than Slats could stand
He’d whip that big mouth farmer
Pound his head into the sand!

“Hey, you bib-overalled boob
Come down outta those stands
So’s I can see your ugly face
I’m gonna break it with my hands!”

So that old boy stood up
A grinning from ear to ear
All six foot eight of him
Without a trace of fear!

Ol’ Slats, he took a look
And his face showed his surprise
At the eagerness of the farmer
And the man’s humongous size!

Undaunted, Slats vaulted the fence
And headed for the clod
Rage was boiling in his eyes
As he strode the Nebraska sod

But, before the two could tangle
A deputy stepped between
“There’ll be no fighting here today
And what I says I mean!”

That farmer boy just laughed and says,
“Hell sheriff, get out of the way,
I wouldn’t want you to get hurt
While me and this cowboy play!”

That made the deputy hot
And he drew his billy club
He shook it at the farmer and says,
“You don’t hear too good, do you bub?!”

Two more deputy sheriffs
Arrived upon the site
And the farmer says to them,
“You get two more, we’ll have us an even fight!”


From somewhere in the crowd
A female voice did shrill ,
“Don’t let them push you around
I’m coming darlin’ Bill”

01′ Slats looked up to see
A giant in gingham dressed
A red-haired Amazon,
Biggest woman in the west!

So Slats he jumped the fence again
To watch from the other side
As darlin’ Bill battled them cops
Assisted by his bride

Sometime during the battle
A forty-five was drawn
A shot was fired into the air
But by that time old Slats was gone

He’d loaded his old doggin’ horse
And hit the open road
And he laughed as he thought of the big red-head
Why, there wasn’t a steer in the herd
She couldn’t have throwed!

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