Charley Weston-The Cowboy and the kid.

Charley Weston-The Cowboy and the Kid

The year is 1947 and Charley Weston is back from the war in Europe. For Charley Weston, life is good and responsibilities are few. That is until an injured young stranger rides into Circle Dot camp and identifies himself as Joe Jones. The events that follow change Charley’s life forever. Charley and the Circle Dot Cowboys assume the close cropped red head is a boy. Upon discovering the shy youngster’s wounds, Charley is faced with the responsibility of getting him to the home ranch where his injuries can be treated That’s where a startling discovery is made; Joe is not a boy but a young girl who calls herself Josie.

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Flint Pierce, The Adventures of a Young Nevada Cowboy

Flint Pierce, The Adventures of a Young Nevada Cowboy

This is the story of young Flint Pierce, apprenticed to a misshapen little horse breeder and trainer in the lush Moapa Valley. His misgivings soon turn to admiration as he watches and learns from the small-sized hunchback cowboy. Flint’s life changes when he meets beautiful Stella Durant. He’d like to know her better but the obnoxious Turk McClanahan, two years his senior, stands in his way. Seeking an advantage, he challenges Turk to a horse race that leads to unfortunate results. When Stella’s folks lose everything in a suspicious fire, Flint sets out to find the guilty party. Someone is working great evil in the valley that puts Flint’s and Stella’s very lives in danger.

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Toquop - Warrior StallionA Young Nevada Cowboy Challenges A Legendary Warrior Stallion

Seventeen-year-old Flint Pierce, while riding fence for the Flying L Ranch, experiences a life-threatening encounter with a magnificent wild stallion the Indians call Toquop, so named for his smoky color. The legendary Toquop steals a high priced mare from a horse breeder’s granddaughter, Laura, who seeks Flint’s help in recovering her prized mare. Flint’s quest leads him to a grisly discovery, while Laura fights to save a weak and wounded colt from a hungry predator. Flint has a violent encounter and learns that Toquop’s existence is in danger. In the ensuing race to reach the stallion first, Flint faces a difficult decision—return with his prize or help an enemy in need.

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Far Horizons: A Cowboy’s PoetryFar Horizons: A Cowboy’s Poetry

Three dozen original poems by award winning western author Mike Prince.  These poems provide entertaining stories and a nostalgic look at ropin’, rodeoin’, workin’ Cedar Basin, and other great tales.  Mike Prince, author and principal of Cowboy Stories and More, is dedicated to providing clean and wholesome western adventure stories for young people. Mike has been writing cowboy poetry, short stories and novels for nearly 20 years.

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Western Glasses 6 Piece Set

The rodeo themed glass tumblers are quite old; purchased in Tulsa OK  in 1976. They are 12 oz. tumblers, each with a different rodeo event permanently etched into the glass. The glasses are brand new and have been repackaged by my wife and me. Sold in sets only.

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